About me

Photo by Trần Hoàng An, 2018

Photo by Trần Hoàng An, 2018

Hi! I'm Katrina, an urban anthropologist living and people-watching in Philadelphia.

As an anthropologist, I'm curious about us - homo sapiens sapiens - and why we behave the way we do in society and spaces.

As an urbanist, I'm passionate about our cities - our unique man-made habitats - and how we can make them better for us mentally and physically.

As an urban anthropologist, I am committed to applying anthropological principles, research methods, and the lessons learned from our collective history to the present day. To this end, I have built my career around the specialization of behavior in public space: observing interactions between people and the built environment in the spaces between buildings.

But as a human being and woman I've also made it my goal to advocate for this shift in thinking - toward a more humanist approach to the building and management of our cities. With so many ideas out there about tech-centered "smart" cities, we need now more than ever to reevaluate our shared ideals for our urban future. It is my hope that through responsible measurement, evidence-based design, and humanist intent, we can create better cities for all of our fellow human beings. 

You can find more information about my work and education on my LinkedIn page, and read more about what I was up to in 2017 in my year-in-review here. Below is my ongoing list (read: memory bank) of panel appearances, lectures, publications (and some fun stuff at the end). For inquiries regarding interviews and appearances, you can reach out to me here

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