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Bicycle Commuter Stats Maps

[Originally written by Allison Duncan] A simple graduated symbol map from Governing.com shows the range of commuter rates for cities – with a roll-over for specific cities to show more detail. The map for Bike Commuters shows a comparison of commuters to total workers – so each is proportional.   The high margin of error in the … Continue reading

Annotated Bibliography – 07.30.12

[Originally written by Jason King] There a lot of information out there related to aspects of urbanism in its many facets, so in the spirit of academia, a feature here at THINK.urban will be to regularly compile and summarize some recent articles, posts, and other resources.   These are brief elements that don’t get their own … Continue reading

City Growth, and "What’s a City?"

[Originally written by Jason King] The constantly shifting definition of ‘City’ or ‘Urban’ makes for some ambiguity in talking about our aggregations (or is that agglomerations?) of development.  Grist mentions the perceived dilemma with contradictions that the 2010 census shows that cities are adding population faster than suburbs for the first time in the last … Continue reading

Introducing Megapolitanism

A recent article from John King at the San Francisco Chronicle mentioned the concept of using the Megalopolitan scale for planning purposes.  The article references the new book by Arthur C. Nelson and Robert E. Lang entitled ‘Megapolitan America: A New Vision for Understanding America’s Metropolitan Geography‘ (APA, 2011). As an example, King mentions the … Continue reading



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