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GOOD Bicycle Transportation

“What we’re missing is a a truly game-changing bikeway that connects a Portland neighborhood to the city center“ Our challenge is set.  As one of the creative teams working on the GOOD Ideas for Cities, we are tasked with coming up with the future of bicycle transportation in Portland.  As envisioned by our local expert … Continue reading

Research and the Researcher

A strange thing happened to me, and indeed the world, only a few short months ago when a group of people decided to set up camp and literally occupy Wall Street to protest economic inequality the United States. Never before an activist by nature, I found myself becoming more educated in the statistics and issues … Continue reading

Science of Pedestrian Movements

[Originally written by Jason King] An interesting article from the Economist on ‘The Wisdom of Crowds‘ echoes much of the seminal research of William Whyte (City), Edward T. Hall (The Hidden Dimension), and others that have closely studied the behavior of pedestrians and other users of public spaces.   The interplay of cultural habits that tells … Continue reading

Ricardo Legorreta 1931-2011

[Originally written by Jason King] Legorreta + Legorreta:  It is with great sadness that we learn that Ricardo Legorreta died on the 30th of December 2011. “La vida es como las olas, hay que respetarlas y amarlas, estudiarlas y no combatirlas. Hay que sacar provecho de ellas para llegar a nuestro objetivo”                                                                                                                                                 –Ricardo Legorreta … Continue reading



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